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-- 2018 Season --

Episode 35
Late Summer in Vilas County
Show Date: September 1st & 2nd, 2018
Location: Vilas County, Wisconsin
Guide: Rob Manthei [715-477-2042 | robmanthei.com]

It’s getting to be that time of year where the muskies start getting more active, and it continues getting better as we get into fall.  We don’t often get an opportunity to get out and fish with both Rob Manthei & Pete Maina, but this week we’re doing it in Vilas County.  Out guide Rob tells us that this is the time of year that the fish will start heading to shallow weeds, and that we can expect a lot of activity, especially boat-side or figure-8 strikes.  

As muskie fishing can often go, we get sidelined by a major weather system, and it shuts the fish down.  Rob takes us out on our last day to target bass and walleye, because they are less affected by extreme weather changes. It’s nice to see the versatility of the area, that we can catch fish no matter what the weather gives us.

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