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This Weeks Show

Episode 38
Leech Lake Monsters
Show Date: September 18th & 17th, 2017
Location: Leech Lake, Minnesota

This week was a heck of a great fishing trip!

We fished Leech Lake in Northern Minnesota with some great friends, Pete, Rusty, and Mike for muskie.  We’ve got really warm, and unexpected, temperatures for this time of year.  Warm and calm aren’t usually a recipe for muskie success, so we were prepared for a grind.  We expected to get most of our action after dark, or during the different moon phases.

What actually happened on this trip was that we were surprised by every fish we caught, non of the 5 muskies we caught we during a time we expected, we didn’t have much for follows, they just hit - which is exhilarating.

Where we were fishing